Contamination Control Specialist

City: Eindhoven



Are you eager to further develop your expertise, to be part of the state-of-the art technology innovation and multiple engineering disciplines? If so, then the job of a Contamination Control Specialist could be the perfect next step in your career.


Job Missions

As a contamination control specialist you are responsible for specifying the requirements with respect to cleanliness of systems and parts. Furthermore you are responsible for proper execution of the requirements by actively participate in design reviews teams. The contamination specialist is responsible for the functional qualification of systems.

Focus area is particle and organic surface cleanliness related to Semicon wafer production equipment.

In case of issues / failures you are in the lead to perform root cause analyses and generate alternatives to meet the contamination control requirements.


Your tasks will be:

  • Responsible for contamination control equipment design rules in order to meet requirements.
  • Propose new ideas and support the organization within the field of contamination control
  • Takes the lead to specify the necessary cleanliness requirements of a (part of) system, in order to achieve the desired functionality.
  • Is responsible for the proper documentation of specifications, supporting calculations, and tests.
  • Provides means and methods to verify the specifications and performs the tests.
  • Has knowledge of detecting, mimicking and controlling contamination and if needed designs tools for above mentioned purposes.
  • Achieves results by literature search, experimental testing or supervision of external research activities.



  • Academic level or BSc+ in material science, chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, mechanics or similar.
  • Have at least 5 years of relevant working experience.
  • Strong focus on materials, analytical chemistry, surface chemistry, contamination control.
  • Solid experimental and/or theoretical experience in the above mentioned field of interest either in research or industry.
  • Has knowledge of material characterization and / or surface analysis.
  • Experience within a cleanroom environment.
  • Experience with/knowledge of Semicon wafer processing and cleanliness requirements
  • Candidate should be able to work independently in a dynamic explorative environment.
  • Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic hands-on attitude.
  • Good communicational skills and able to work in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Good knowledge of English.

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