SWITCH is a regional initiative created from the vision that the Brainport Eindhoven region has a strong demand for additional highly skilled technical personnel (without continuously exchanging personnel within the region). We have the goal to offer clients a solution for the shortage in technical personnel.

SWITCH can help you in sourcing qualified employees with an IT, Electrotechnical and Mechanical background. We do this by attracting highly skilled foreign employees with multiple years of experience. We have our own international network and branch offices in Europe. We strongly believe in approaching candidates with local market knowledge.

The SWITCH team consists of professionals with extensive experience, both in technical (High Tech & IT) and global recruitment areas. They operate from a stable organisation with fixed contacts. The team members know all specific wishes and needs of the customer through the SWITCH Six Step methodology:

1. Vacancy intake

  • Introduction at client’s location
  • Discuss the vacancy profile in detail
  • Interview with the responsible line manager
  • Visit of the work environment
  • Discuss the remuneration package
  • Feedback on feasibility

2. Recruitment

  • Extensive briefing to our partners
  • Local search (lead time 1 - 2 weeks)
  • First local interviews with potential candidates
  • Compose the longlist of candidates

3. Interviews

  • Skype interviews with candidates
  • OPQ 32 Personality Assessments
  • Shortlist candidates to the client (3 - 5 candidates)
  • Skype & personal interviews by the client
  • Reference check selected candidate(s)

4. Contract management

  • All candidates are presented with an expected remuneration package, we check whether the final offer is in line with this package
  • Discuss the offer and explanation to the candidate
  • Signing of the employment contract

5. Relocation & onboarding process

  • Housing (key-ready)
  • VISA / residence and employment permit (IND)
  • Request citizen's service number (BSN)
  • Health insurance
  • Apply for the Dutch 30% tax ruling
  • Social integration (leads to very low drop out percentage)

6. Social integration

  • FAQ for candidate
  • Dutch Survival Guide
  • Program accompanying family members
  • (International) school children
  • Sport & leisure activities
  • Language courses
  • Meetings with other expats in the region


Expertise: professionals with a technical background and extensive recruitment experience.

The SWITCH methodology is characterised by:

  • an Efficient and Effective process
  • excellent Quality and Quantity
  • the no-waste approach that leads to a competitive Price